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“What stands out is how effectively and fluidly Mr. Crim includes and engages with popular culture as a means of highlighting his message of positivity. He is definitely an effective conveyor of information among young people.” 

Jose Cruz,
Middle School Services Librarian, Oak Park Public Library

“Mr. Crim found a way to actually capture their attention by using things such as current events and music to get them to participate and give their own feedback. I personally liked how he broke down the importance of knowing your heritage and knowledge of self and loving yourself. I took some notes myself because his experience was so captivating. Mr. Crim is gifted in speaking; especially to the youth.”
Damien Dougherty,
Vice President, Joliet Unity Movement

“You were great today and I am so happy I was able to witness! Thanks for all you do for students and our community.”
Debrah Clark
Director JTHS Infant Childcare Center

"Mr. Crim pulls from his own experiences and presents his stories and insights in a way that is not only professional but relatable and real. He shares about the trials and tribulations he faced in high school and college and how he found the support and motivation to succeed. His down-to- earth demeanor allows students to easily connect to him and his stories. He is truly an incredible role model for all who have the opportunity to hear him speak."
Nicci Cisarik
Senior Student Recruitment & Outreach Specialist, Oakton Community College

"Ernest is a knowledgeable educator and advisor. It has been a pleasure working with him. The wisdom that he imparted on nearly 200 high school students and a group staff who were in attendance was undeniably impactful. He spoke from his heart and shared his lived experience whereas he showed vulnerability, humility, and authenticity. In this same space, I witnessed his commitment to creating a learning environment where transformative thinking was encouraged and advocacy for justice was taught."

Kristi Kelly, Ed.D.
Chief Diversity Officer & Director of Multicultural Student Services, Lewis University

"Mr. Crim’s talk with our youth group was phenomenal! He gave us a plethora of information, statistics and personal life accounts that kept our students engaged. His ability to cover a vast array of details while still staying true to the main topic was seamless. Ernest’s conversation was relevant, and I believe will bridge the gap among individuals of various ages and ethnicities. He is welcome to come back and share with us anytime."

Marcus Cage
CEO and Founder of Divine Works Education and Training (E&T)

"When he speaks to a crowd, he commands their attention with an astute and passionate oratorical style that relates to their unique experiences. For instance, at the MLK Unity Brunch that I keynoted in January 2018, Mr. Crim served as the emcee and host. He did such an exemplary job that, not only did he receive a standing ovation for several minutes, but several attendees also felt compelled to reach out to me to inquire about his information for future speaking engagements."

R. Dale Evans
Former Joliet Township High Schools Board Member

“Your class taught me so much as a person I honestly wanted to thank you for all of the life lessons (you taught me). They came in handy; it was much appreciated.”
Erica Hampton
Joliet Central c/o 2014

“I am really proud of you and the work you’ve been doing. You truly are a leader in this community.” 
Bettye Gavin
Joliet Councilwoman

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