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Ernest Crim’s expertise is speaking to teenagers and adults and providing them with an engaging and transformative dialogue that allows them to realize and actualize their potential and purpose by incorporating a combination of self-help strategies coupled with a wealth of historical knowledge based on his experience as an educator and journey for justice following his hate crime incident. Concurrently, Mr. Crim can speak to parents about strategies to help improve their child’s academic standing as well.

Furthermore, Mr. Crim can speak to a wide range of children and adults who have been bullied or targeted by overt and systemic racism or any other issues of injustice to provide them with hope and strategies to restore justice and maintain their mental health. Additionally, Mr. Crim can speak to educators about increasing classroom engagement as well as provide coaching to improve their evaluation rating.

Mr. Crim is available to speak youth groups, schools, colleges, churches, community organizations, sports teams and companies on the topics of self-improvement, activism, anti-racism strategies, social justice, increasing classroom engagement among other topics.


Bio detail coming soon.

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As a student at UIUC, Crim realized he had a passion for activism and education while experiencing academic turmoil on probation and racism on campus whilst taking African American Studies courses.

More bio detail coming soon.

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