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Who is Mr. Ernest Crim III?

Ernest Crim III is a Black History Application Specialist who uses Black History to empower and educate families and train educators on how to best reach their students in a culturally compliant manner. Mr. Crim, a south side of Chicago native, and University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign alumnus, is a former high school educator of 12 years, who now teaches Black History to the world through social media with a reach of nearly 500,000. Additionally, he is the CEO of Crim’s Cultural Consulting LLC, an international speaker, an author of two bestsellers and a passionate progressive education activist, who has been featured on PBS, CBS, NBC & Newsweek amongst various other outlets. To Ernest, his purpose is to creatively strategize how we can use our glorious past to create a better future, entrenched in equitable practices.

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