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The Black History Book Club for Kids

In addition to his book, speaking engagements, consultations and speaking engagements, Mr. Crim also offers a K-5 Black History course for children entitled, The Black History Book Club for Kids. This course, which was created in response to the "CRT" and "Woke" bans in 2021-2022, provides children with an opportunity to learn Black History from a certified social science secondary instructor, for the purpose of building individual and group racial esteem (in accordance with Harvard University's 2012 which states Black students perform better academically when they are taught to have racial pride) and helping children reach their full potentially individually and communally, by focusing on self-knowledge, creativity, and improving reading and writing skills. Children will read at least one book per month that focuses on Black History and issues relative to the Black experience. Students will also meet 3-4 times a month, on Sunday evening at 6pm CT.

Continued Education for Teens and Adults

Teens and adults who are interested in learning more about Black History, outside of Mr. Crim's social media content and books, are encouraged to join his Patreon to receive exclusive content, resources, intel and recorded live streams from Instagram. On his live streams, which will be recorded 3-4 times a month, viewers can expect to hear an in-depth analysis of current issues through a Black Historical lens and framework. 


Reading recommendations and current advocacy

If you'd like to find out what Mr. Crim is reading, currently advocating for and promoting, be sure to visit his LinkTree and subscribe for free to receive immediate updates, whenever something is added!


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